Top Reasons to Install a Performance Chip

Since 1980 almost any vehicle in the USA has a computer chip installed. The introduction of those chips has a positive and negative impact on the automotive industry.


One of the Negative effects of having a chip is that engines don’t perform at their full potential. You get a pre-established limit on your car in order to be more friendly to all kind of customers.

The good news is that the car can be reprogrammed with the help of a Performance Chip.

Eliminating all the factory limits and boosting the vehicle capabilities.  This Computer reprogramming doesn’t take a lot of time and doesn’t require to replace any part of your vehicle.

The only thing you need is a simple chip to start increasing your engine performance and better fuel efficiency.

The improvement ratio you’ll get depends on the particular chip you install on your vehicle. Some Performance Chip offers more Power while other mainly focus on getting better mileage.

ECU Tuning
ECU Tuning


The Performance Chip eliminates any restriction from manufacturer to get the most out of your vehicle’s engine. You can get more Horsepower and extra torque. Final results will depend on the particular Chip you have installed and also your Car Model as well. Some makes are more compatible with such upgrades and others like on turbocharged engines you’ll not notice a huge performance boost after installing a Performance Chip.


Performance Chip allows shortening acceleration times by improving the air/fuel ratio inside the engine, the result provides a quicker response and a rapid acceleration. Performance Chip not only controls engine, but also control vehicle transmission, stabilization systems, and the ignition.  As a result, having a Performance Chip can improve and solve many performance-related problems at once.


Have you seen the Impressive speed numbers on your vehicle dashboard?  Vehicle installed ECU “speed governor” limits your maximum speed and will not let you accelerate after you reach a pre-established speed limit. With the help of a Performance Chip, you can tweak those settings to get the real Speed your vehicle can get.

Chevelle Burnout Performance Chip
Chevelle Burnout Performance Chip


One of the most noticeable side effects when you reprogram your Vehicle ECU. “Increase Fuel efficiency”. Therefore the use of a Performance Chip can help you to gain as much as 4 MPG. After the engine reprogramming has made. This significant save on Fuel helps you have a return of your investment in just a couple of months.

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  1. Good morning ,
    I have 2012 Camry with a 2.5 4 cylinder which is our daily driver. We own a truck and a Chevelle so we wanted something super reliable and decent on fuel . On a recent road trip through the Rockies mountains the Camry was very comfortable and handled surprisingly well but the power was lacking even with a tank of super unleaded fuel. I want more power and torque without effecting the cars reliability.

    Is a chip the way to go and what else can be done to improve power. I have checked with local Toyota dealers here in lower mainland British Columbia and I am greeted with blank stares and no solutions.

    Thank you in advance.

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